Old Town Predator Kayak Review!

Old-Town-Predator-13If you are looking for a high quality fishing kayak to stream your way into a local pond for vacation, Old Town’s Predator 13 Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak is a great kaya¬†to consider because of its high quality engineering and design. You can either use it for water sports or fishing so it’s practically a dual-purpose kayak.

Old Town Predator 13 Features.

With a length and width of 13.2 ft and 33.5 inches, it can carry a maximum load of up to 425 pounds. It also has an element seating system. This system allows you to change the seat system depending on how you are going to steer the kayak. It has 3 positions: Travel for a lower gravity center, Stand-Up for casting and poling and Attack for fishing with a raised seat.

The tri-hull is also greatly crafted using LT900 polyethylene that gives the kayak its industrial strength and durability. Because of this, Old Town offers a lifetime warranty for the hull.

The mounting plates are also removable and customizable so you don’t have to drill onto your boat hull so you can add some neat stuff like GPS, fish finders, etc. In addition, a Humminbird Transducer Scupper gives you only the best when it comes to side imaging transducer technology.

To keep all of your fishing gear dry, it has an Exo-ridge tank well. In any case, scupper holes (8 in total) help to drain water that gets into the kayak. For those who worry too much about accidents or boat slipping, the exo-ridge deck ensures a slip-resistant feature so that you and your fishing gear are safe and sound. For a well-rounded grab and cast, it also features rod tip holders and retainer bungees.

Kayak Specifications.

It has a seat height of 15 inches (38 cm), leg length of 48 inches and a length and width of 13.2 ft x 33.5 inches. The kayak is made mainly from high-quality single layer polyethylene and available on various colors such as black cherry, camo (gold brown), urban camo (gray / silver) and lime camo (green). It weighs 86 pounds (36 kg) with a max load range of 400 to 425 pounds (equivalent to 181 up to 192 kg of weight). Its rear tank well has dimensions of 29 x 19 x 7 inches.

You can also add a variety of accessories from brands such as RAM Mounts, Cannon and many others, as well as a predator angler paddle that makes it easier to work on snagged lures.

In terms of stability, the Predator 13 Kayak is a great and versatile one on both primary and secondary stability. If you plan on bigger fishing trips then this kayak allows you for a lot more storage and room to place a lot of stuff on your trip. Its design also caters for people with disabilities. It might not be as light as you think but at the same time, it comes with a great deal of features that you will rarely find on most kayaks out there. The kayak is ideal for use on lakes, back country fishing and in-shore trips but not necessarily for open-water.

The only downside that most professional kayakers and fishing hobbyists claim is that it might not be for beginners because of its rather heavy weight and a bit difficult to steer or get it upright. It is not also quite advisable for diving, so make sure you only use it over rivers and lakes. Ocean use is okay but you have to be very careful.


With great stability, design features and a whole lot of room for your fishing gear, the Predator 13 is something considerably great for a fishing kayak.

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