Must Have Kayak Fishing Gear!

Looking to get outfitted for a kayak fishing trip? Here is some of the essential gear you’ll need to get started.

1. Flotation Vest.

Okay, we know a personal flotation device might not be the most hip-looking accessory out there on the water. They might also have a reputation for being ill-fitting, cumbersome and motion-restrictive. But that’s just because you’ve never worn the right one. A flotation device is an important tool for ensuring that you’re safe while out on the water, and if you give the necessary time to find one that fits you well and isn’t restrictive they don’t have to be a hassle.

A perfect kayak fishing vest is one that is a safe floatation device as well as a well designed vest that can accommodate your most needed accessories for fishing and personal use like this one.

2. Paddles.

Surprise! You’ll need some paddles for your kayak. But not every paddle is the same, and there’s nothing worse than getting out on the water and finding you’ve bought a paddle with terrible drag or a gripless handle that fills your hand with blisters. Do your research online about which paddle will be right for your size, type of water and fishing goals.

3. First Aid Kit.

Out on the water with hooks, long poles and heavy paddles makes for opportunities to get injured. While you probably won’t lose an arm or leg while kayak fishing, it’s always a good idea to keep a first aid kit with you at all times so that a minor injury doesn’t have to derail your entire fishing trip.

4. Waterproof Storage Device.

If you fish from a kayak long enough, you’re going to end up in the water at some point. You don’t want to add to your embarrassment of taking a dip by also having your phone or personal belongings get soaked as well. Invest in a waterproof drybag, or even go the inexpensive route and use airtight food containers to keep your valuables dry as a bone. A good dry bag sack is ideal.

5. Paddle & Rod Holders.

One thing that some fresh-faced kayak anglers take for granted is how many tasks require the use of their hands. Free yourself up by adding fishing rod and paddle holders to your boat to secure them safely when not in use.

6. Electronics.

The sport of fishing has come a long way from its stick-with-a-string beginnings, and one of the most significant advances has been the development of fish finders and GPS devices. While neither of these is absolutely essential, they can make your fishing experience safer and potentially more fruitful. Many fishing kayaks come with a little bit of console space for attaching a GPS or fish finder, and you can also buy separate mounts which can be attached to your kayak.

7. Kayak Anchor.

A kayak anchor might not be essential, but it can help avoid the frustrating experience of trying to fish a specific hole while constantly drifting away with the current or tides. There are a wide variety of anchor types available, so be sure to do your research based on your unique fishing environment to find the right one for you.

8. Tackle Holders.

You’ll want something to hold all of your bait, tackle and other small fishing gear. While some kayaks will have storage built-in, you will likely still want something with separate compartments to stay organized and be able to find what you need quickly while out on the water. Tackle trays are a great choice, and can often be attached to the kayak for safety and security.

While this might not include everything you’ll want to buy for your trip, it will provide a good start to outfitting yourself with the right gear for a successful and enjoyable kayak fishing experience.

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