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Kayak fishing is a great way to get away from it all in this modern chaotic world, where everything seems to be utterly dominated by technology and stress.

But best of all you enjoy the challenges and rewards of getting some fish to fry.

It’s a win win situation when you’re out on the water, fishing in your kayak:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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Full Kayak Fishing Gear – GPS, Troller etc.

Kayak fishing allows an individual a serene escape from the modern conundrum of stress that has become their lives by reconnecting with the glory of Mother Nature through the absorption of the magnificent sights, sounds, and scents of the wild.

This quality sport allows an individual to reconnect with the glory of their own spirit through the quiet and peaceful introspection that they experience while kayaking calmly along the water.

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It is a stress relieving experience that is almost spiritual in quality, and is possible nearly anywhere you can find a viable body of water to fish in.

This means that it is possible to fish in literally every state in the United States of America, from West to East and North to South.

Some extremely popular kayak fishing locations in the United States include the Everglades National Park in Florida, the Potomac River in Maryland, and the five Great Lakes of Michigan.


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If you are an adventurer seeking a great experience that involves a healthy amount of exercise combined with a revitalizing amount of stress relief, thenĀ  fishing in a kayak is undoubtedly an activity that will personally suit you.

Yet how would one get started if they were in fact interested in giving kayak fishing a try?

To start off, some basic items you will need:

  • A sturdy and capable kayak
  • Paddles for propulsion
  • Paddle leashes in case your oars accidentally drift away
  • Fishing poles
  • Some kind of light storage container in which you can keep your smaller items such as bug spray, sunscreen, tackle box, food and water.
  • Life vests and safety helmets are always recommended as well.
  • Quality Sun Glasses with NeckStraps.

Advanced kayak fishing gear includes:

  • Trolling motor, power center, and mount for the motor (it’s electric and quiet).
  • Mini Anchor System
  • Fish Finder (sonor)
  • GPS

Once you have amassed these items, you should have the bare necessities required to begin fishing.

However, it is totally up to the individual to bring any other various items that they might deem necessary for the trip, such as drinks and snacks for example, as it is important to stay hydrated and properly nourished while on the water.

Next, an individual needs to consider where a good kayak location is in relation to them. This will involve a small amount of research. Since nearly any body of water may be kayaked and fished in there should be no shortage of options, however some locations are better than others.

This is why an individual should be methodical in their approach towards finding a satisfactory location.

Asking fellow kayaking enthusiasts may be of service when researching where to go. What are some bodies of water that are near your residence? And are there any National Parks near your vicinity with fishing spots?

These are questions to consider that may help jump-start your search.

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Kayak fishing offers a unique blend of exercise, adventure, and stress relief in a way that many other activities cannot match. It can be performed in the tranquility of solitude or in adventurous conjunction with friends and family, and it can be performed literally anywhere you can find water. It is a magnificent activity whose participants transcend any particular gender, race, or age. It is an activity for anyone and everyone!


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  1. Alonso Ackermann

    Ugly big fish are not required thank you very much. SIK’s have more than a few models that are fishing friendly. Popular baits include canned corn and homemade doughball concoctions in the USA.


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