How to Choose a Fishing Kayak!

sport fishing kayak
Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

A kayak is probably the most affordable and compact watercraft a hobbyist can have.Movie Rings (2017)

They are simple to use and usually don’t have the intricacies of boats and other motorized watercraft.

[The picture to the left is a Liftetime Sport Fisher Kayak, and it’s excellent.]

The very nature of kayaks especially their size makes them versatile and ideal for almost any purpose from mere leisure kayaking, fishing, water sports, and others.

Although you can build your own kayak, it is always more convenient and practical just to purchase a manufactured one because these are made by the experts and contains all the features needed to get you going.

The following are some of the considerations that should be noted on how to choose a fishing kayak.

Learn the kayak fishing sport and ask for expert advice

Kayak fishing is both considered as a hobby and a kind of sport. Therefore, as a beginner wanting to have the best equipment for the said hobby or sport, you should first acquire at least the basics concerning kayak fishing.

Getting to know the basics not only teaches you the necessary skills but also the specific requirements when it comes to the most ideal types of equipment and gears suitable for your needs. Also, asking from expert kayak fishers on the best kayak including some tips and tricks relating to the sport is best.

Choose a stable kayak. A racing or surfing kayak is different from that of a fishing one in terms of providing stability. For the former kayak types, speed and mobility is the primary concern, stability just comes next. But for fishing kayaks, it’s the other way around; stability is a foremost requisite to be able to fish. Stability can be inferred from the kayaks ability to keep still or balance itself even at wavy waters or changes of the rider’s weight. Wider kayaks are usually more stable.

inflatable fishing kayak
Sevlor inflatable fishing kayak

Gauge the speed you need. Another important consideration on how to choose a fishing kayak is to determine your speed requirement when kayak fishing. Again, it can be compared to the surfing or racing kayaks which mainly concerns speed. Fishing kayaks both require mobility and speed when traveling but with assurance of stability. The shorter and wider kayaks move slower and the longer and sleek ones are faster and navigable.

[The  Kayak shown above is a Seylor inflatable fishing kayak]

Choose a kayak which will provide seating comfort. Kayak fishing is a time enduring activity compared to racing and surfing. You will have to seat in your mini boat for minutes at times, up to hours waiting for a catch or when just strolling around. With this in mind, test the comfort level of the seats when you are shopping for your new fishing kayak. It’s not only limited to choosing a perfect fit but there should also be room for mobility and flexibility for the act of fishing. You may also want to choose kayaks with slightly elevated seats to provide more back support.

Choose a fishing kayak with good hatches. The hatch of your kayak is where you put all of your stuff, the fishing gears or equipments, and the actual fish catches that you make. It is ideal to choose a kayak that has around two or three hatches to properly segregate your equipments and other items from your main hatch for your catch. You will also have to make an assessment of the hatch capacity that you need.

Choose fishing kayaks with rod holders. Rod holders makes the fishing experience easier by eliminating the stress and tension caused by prolonged handling and managing of the fishing rods.

Choose a kayak that can easily be steered. Navigability or the easiness in steering has its practical and safety benefits. It increases the mobility or directive control when trying to fight big catches, or shifting locations, and that it is required when facing extreme surf conditions or larger sea waves.

Inflatable Kayak, Plastic, or Wood? Fishing Kayaks are built using all kinds of materials. But the most popular materials used are Rotationally Molded Plastic (Rotomold), Fiberglass, Kevlar, Wood, and inflatable Kayaks are basically made of polyester or nylon material. There are pro’s and cons for all. But we are listing the best fishing kayaks in each material category here:

And finally, choose your most favored design. It’s going to be your personal kayak anyway, so it is only best to choose the fishing kayak design and style of your choice.

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