Canoe Or Kayak Fishing?

canoe on beachEvery avid fisherman is always looking for new ways to explore the sport and art of fishing.

Kayak and canoe fishing are some of the less expensive ways to expand a fisherman’s fishing experience and try something new and exciting.

There are some distinct differences between using a canoe or kayak versus using a motor boat or larger vessel.

One of the main advantages that using a canoe or a kayak is a much quieter approach to the area where you will begin fishing. Other boats may be equipped with a trolling motor that provides a quiet approach, but the disturbance is far less with a non-motored watercraft. This makes the success rate for these craft a little higher.

Canoe vs Kayak Fishing: In comparison, the canoe and the kayak do have a few differences…

The kayak is a smaller craft and sits much lower on the water than the canoe. This means that if the water temperature is lower or perhaps the wildlife in the water is a concern, then a larger and higher boat, such as a canoe is better. Canoe fishing can be done in more areas due to this fact, however the size of a kayak may provide access to a few more places.

beached fishing kayakKayak fishing is a little easier when it comes to transporter your boat.

A kayak can easily be carried by one person, while most canoes will need at least one additional person to help out. Also, many more vehicles can carry a kayak than a canoe and with less hassle and preparation.

A kayak may even be carried inside of some SUV’s depending upon the set up and size.

The design of a kayak provides for a few differences when kayak fishing.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

A kayak is much smaller and in a general sense it is going to be less stable, however most kayaks have seating very near if not on the floor of the vessel.

The general design means that a kayak is going to be faster and easier to navigate in the water. On the other hand, with a little practice most fishermen can stand in a canoe for a short period of time without too much effort.

Because a canoe has a wider base and opening, they are more difficult for one person to paddle than the kayak.

A kayak can almost turn completely around 360 degrees without any issue at all. This is not the same for a canoe. The length of the canoe can make canoe fishing in some area’s harder because of access issues, yet, do not forget that a canoe can still go many places that a larger boat could never go. The kayak can go even more places than the canoe and maneuver with greater ease.

Both canoe fishing and kayak fishing are possible ways for a fisherman to expand their talents and their enjoyment.

The cost of each is not anywhere near that of a larger boat. Many times the cost of a kayak or canoe is around the same as a motor for a larger boat. Generally for less than $500 a fisherman can experience a whole new way of fishing and a whole new world of fun.

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