Boat Fishing vs. Kayak Fishing

Fishing from a motorize boat can often seem like the only way to fish from out on the water. Boat fishermen tout their motorized mobility, fancy add-ons and greater luxury as reasons that boat fishing wins out against kayak fishing. But we believe that in fact the opposite is true, that kayak fishing brings with it a unique set of advantages that boat fishing simply can’t match. In the following article, we’ll outline just a few of the ways that kayak fishing wins out against boat fishing.


More Effective Angles for Casting.

A large motorboat can be cumbersome and unwieldy. You find yourself limited in the angles you have to cast from, and most of your casts are toward the bank. This means your lure or bait moves from shallow water toward deeper water, which is an unnatural path for feeding fish.

With a kayak, you can easily cast along the shoreline or have your lure move from deep to shallow, a much more natural and common pattern of travel for the fish you want to catch. Casting along the shoreline also means that you can retrieve along the marsh grasses were fish like to lurk in safety.

More Thrilling and Active.

A boat usually places its anglers in a position that’s raised up off the water, and the solid weight of a boat means that many fights with fish last only a few short seconds. There is less tactile and active response between you, your line and the fish at the other end.

A kayak, on the other hand, offers fishermen the opportunity to be right down at water level, leaned back in a comfortable seat and able to have real fights with their fish. They can be taken for rides as they battle fish that feel much larger from their kayak. You’ll also find that you can follow the fish in any movements it takes around your boat, giving the excitement of an all-out brawl.

More Exercise!

Yeah, we get it—having a boat with a motor attached means not having to paddle around all day. But isn’t the whole point of getting out and fishing to be active and engaged with nature? Fishing from a kayak means that even on a day where you get skunked you can still rest well knowing that you had an active day out on the water with paddle in hand. Kayak fishing gets to the root of what fishing is all about—nothing but you and the outdoors.

More Wildlife Sightings.

This may come as a surprise to you, but boats with motors are loud. This means that you’re far less likely to see wildlife on your trip aside from any fish you catch. This might be fine if the lunkers are biting, but if not it means that you won’t have much else to entertain you while you’re out on the water.

In a kayak, you become a background player in the dramatic play of nature. You’ll see land creatures come to the water for a drink or play along the banks. As the hippies used to say, you can become “one with nature” on a kayak in a way that you couldn’t dream of on a boat.

kayak fishing boatGo Where Boats Can’t.


Kayaks are small and nimble, highly maneuverable and able to make their way into areas that many boats simply can’t go. This allows kayak fishermen to access watering holes and other areas that are secluded, beautiful and excellent for fishing.

Less Expensive!

As if kayak fishing didn’t have enough going for it already, it’s also incredible inexpensive compared to the fuel, insurance, docking and licensing costs associated with a boat. Just about all you need to get going is your kayak, a paddle and your fishing rod and tackle box and you’re ready to get going out on the water for a day of reeling in the big boys.

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