Ascend Angler Kayak!

ascendFor the summer, it is truly a great experience to go fishing or kayaking – and the best way to do it is to hop on a quality-made kayak such as the Ascend FS12T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak. Whether you are new to the fishing hobby or an experienced paddler, its design and features will cater your needs.


The design of the kayak has been revamped for better stability and comfort, with primary and secondary stability greatly increased in the redesign of the tunnel hull. There’s a versatile aft and fore adjustment from its removable seating system as well as a solid casting platform. The dash is also molded to be a multipurpose platform so you can put in a lot of trays. The sternwell is also multipurpose and almost any cooler can be fitted in.

For storing small items such as valuables, the deck plate storage is designed weathertight as well as the forward storage area. It also includes a flush mount paddle holder, adjustable food braces, and rod tip stagers (molded).

Ascend Angler Kayak Specifications.

The maximum weight this kayak can take is up to 350 pounds. It measures 12 feet by 31 inches and has a total weight of 77 pounds. It is also manufactured in the US. You can fit in paddlers from 5 to 6 feet and it also has a sealed and threaded drain plug. The rod tender can be easily adjusted to 360 degrees. There are also 6 scupper drains that are self-bailing.

When it comes to the design, it has a lot of great storage areas that are watertight and its adjustable seats mean you can be at your best comfort. The kayak features and design also helps to give you multitasking abilities. You can store a lot of neat items and still paddle your way into the lake or river with ease.

Pros and Cons Of The Ascend Angler Kayak.

It is highly praised for its great adjustability and comfort because of its seats and other features that make it a great fishing companion. The stability and durability of this kayak allows you to even stand up while fishing without worrying about tipping over. This also gives you an excellent value for your money.

The price of this kayak is considerably cheaper than most $1,000 value kayaks out there (it is almost half the price) so you might even want to consider it as a Christmas or birthday gift for someone who really loves to fish or go kayaking, or for personal use during the summer without having to spend a lot of money.

However, there can be a few drawbacks. For instance, if you’re using fly rods, the rod tender might not be as compatible with them. Standing water might accumulate on the containers that are claimed to be watertight, so it’s not really that perfect when it comes to watertight design.

It might also be too heavy and large for some kayakers to carry around and not as portable as for those who want something to fit into their vehicle and take for fishing.

The durability might not be for everyone’s catering because it is not really made from solid steel, so you have to steer clear and be very careful when bumping into rocks and other stuff on the way. Sure, you might run into a few scratches but leaks are very rare to occur so it’s still worth your money when it comes to durability.


Having almost a few drawbacks, you can practically take the Ascend FS12T kayak everywhere with little worry about tipping over or water leaks. It has great versatility and allows for more comfort whether you are a beginner or expert in the fishing hobby or just want to relax on your vacation. Overall, this great kayak allows you to enjoy the benefits of fishing and enjoying the wonders around you at the same time.

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