An Abridged Guide to Freshwater Kayak Fishing!

fresh water kayak fishingIf you’re kayak fishing in streams and rivers, the chances are good you’re often in shallow water.  The chances are also very good that sometimes you’ll hit rapids and be spending a lot of time correcting for winds and currents.

The first thing that will come to your mind is, “Uh, oh.  Snags and more snags”.  Not necessarily.  One way to see your way through the obstacle course is by using a neat little invention called BulletBobbers.  They are mini planer boards that change direction with nothing more than a little tug.

With your rod or rods in rod holders, all you need to do is give them a little bump to flip the side they are on.  The great advantage to white water rapids is, they are the perfect place for trolling.  By just trailing one line a little farther out than the other, and set in opposite directions, your lure will be jumping and lurching like a fast moving minnow.

By using BulletBobbers, you will plane out to the side if you paddle a typical lure speed; but they will point up and tuck in behind you if you go faster. This will allow you to shoot through rapids without reeling in.

There is nothing stealthier than a kayak in shallow water.

In many cases, the angler can literally slip up on their targeted fish without notice.  Kayak angling has even become popular in the Florida Everglades, with kayakers using both the sit-on and traditional models.

There is a chance you’ll surprise an alligator or two, but generally they aren’t very comfortable with human contact, and will slip away.  If you do find one that’s determined to stand his ground, the best thing you can do is keeping moving without even taking the time for apologies!

Paddling your kayak through the Great Northwest, you can treat your eyes to abundance of wildlife while fishing; elk and deer grazing by shallow pools, loons, ducks and cranes, muskrat and beaver.

mad beaverDon’t be surprised if the beaver becomes a bit insulted by your invasion and swims out for a quarrel.  As cute as they may appear, they are highly defensive of their territory.  However if his bared teeth and slapping tail don’t scare you, the most he’ll do is swim away, disgruntled.  The appearance of a beaver will tell you, you’re in a good fishing area.

Kayaking in fresh water streams is an experience like no other.  Your kayak will take you where absolutely no other fishing vessel can go, and it’s a sure bet the path beating angler is not as willing to foot it upstream as far or as fast as your kayak will go.  It’s the ultimate freedom.  If you find a spot that looks like you’d like to stick around awhile, just climb out of your kayak, pull it to the bank, and keep on fishing.

Kayak fishing on ponds and small lakes can be a family recreational activity.  With sit on kayaks, even children can learn the pleasure of paddling around lakes and fishing for trout, bass and catfish.  However, never underestimate what lies in the bottom of that wide blue lake.  Sitting around a campfire one night, cozy with other kayak enthusiasts, a kayaker recounted the tale of the day he hooked into a Northern Pike.Watch Cyberbully (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Pike is the bane of every avid fisherman.

pikeWith their voracious appetites, they’ll wipe a lake clean of trout, salmon, bass, anything that gets in its way.  It’s a big-faced ugly fish, with a mouth full of formidable teeth.

Not knowing this highly invasive creature was swimming around in the lake to the detriment of all other aquatic life, he innocently dropped his line in the water.

Within minutes, the pike snapped it up, and went hauling across that five-mile lake like all the furies were after it.  With barely a moment to think twice, our angler simply held on to his reel and took his first jet ski lesson.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

If he thought the pike would give up the bait, he was wrong.  Within minutes, it had circled around and was headed back the same way it had come.

To make a long story short, the pike eventually ended up capsizing his kayak, ripping his rod straight out of its holder, and our fisherman went home that night, tired, shaken, with a broken rod holder and no fish.

Freshwater kayak fishing is fun for sure, but prepared for an adventure like no other!

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